New & Improved Initial Glow Factor
The new and improved Nightlite glow products are constructed from a non-radioactive chemical light source and are specially engineered from a flexible acrylic substrate that glows in total darkness after exposure to light. Also now available is a 1 ply version (.020”) LaserThinGlow with adhesive.

Exceeds all documented glow standards for building and architectural sign applications. IPI is Proud to Announce it has Received MEA Certification from NYC Department of Buildings. MEA Number: 203-8

Material Micro-surfaced ABS (except NIGHTLITES reverse surface) high impact acrylic
Sheet Size 24" x 24"
Thickness Front & Reverse gauge is .060”.
LaserThin Glow 1-ply w/ adhesive is .030”
Usage Interior/Exterior Signage
Cutter Laser Engrave (NIGHTLITES front surface only.) Rotating Carbide
Cutting Depth .003" NIGHTLITES front
.022" NIGHTLITES reverse
Fabrication Saws, Drills, Heat bendable

Other Features

Bonds, Hot stamps, Silkscreens NIGHTLITES front surface only

Products listed are readily available in 2-ply 1/16”. Most products can be produced in 2-ply 1/32” or 1/8” and 3 ply 1/16” or 1/8”. Call for specific details on availability and/or minimum order.


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