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Welcome to the exciting world of Innovative Plastics, where developing dynamic new materials for todays rotary engravers, laser engravers and sign makers has become not simply a challenge, but an adventure. There is an extensive core of over 400 products now readily available for use in all standard and non standard engraving applications.

We maintain a wide variety of Innovative materials, finding that often their range of options fills needs that cannot be as easily completed with Rowmark material. With options such as the Woods, Crystals, Nightlites, Electrics, Sparklers, Elites, Graphixs, and Blacklites, there are more than enough options available for all those unique situations.

With the continually expanding Laser Shop, now with over 100 laser friendly materials, Innovative has established itself as a leader in the laser engraving industry. With the new LaserThin Magnets, and the self adhesive LaserUltraThins Innovative's Laser Shop can meet and laser project need -even custom applications.

Also there is the Smart Buy Series. This series exhibits the same quality and specifications of the regular IPI lines with a reduced price for added affordability. The finishes on these reduced price items may appear slightly different from their standard material counterparts, but still maintain the same level of quality.

By stocking a variety of Innovative materials and keeping up to date with their ever increasing product lines we here at Ability Plastics are positive that we will be able to supply the exact material that u require.

  • 1 Rowmark Materials
  • 2 Digital Printing
  • 3 Laserables
  • 4 Architectural Signs
  • 5 Frames and Sign Bases
  • 6 EZ Sign Kits
  • 7 Accessories and Sales Kits