The classic beauty of nature's most durable stones, carefully recreated for a truly grand appearance.

Material Micro-surfaced ABS (Interior) or impact acrylic (Exterior) for front engraving
Sheet Size 24" x 48"
Thickness 1/16"
Usage Interior Signage, Personal Identification, Select Items for exterior use as well
Cutter Rotating Carbide
Cutting Depth .003"
Fabrication Interior: Scores, Shears, Heat bendable, No predrilling
Exterior: Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable

Other Features

Bonds, Hot stamps, Silkscreens, Permits detailed engraving

Products listed are readily available in 2-ply 1/16”. Most products can be produced in 2-ply 1/32” or 1/8” and 3 ply 1/16” or 1/8”. Call for specific details on availability and/or minimum order.


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