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Colored layers of phenolic are laminated together to form a rigid plastic. Phenolic is non-corroding heat resistant, readily cleaned with a damp cloth, and stain-proof. This material cannot be sheared it must be saw cut, engraved, and drilled with carbide tools only. Our stock items are a satin finish on one side, a polished finish on the other side. Materials with a polished satin or suede finish on both sides is available by special order. Phenolic is available in both 1/16" and 1/8", 3-ply materials, and in both black and white.

Available Phenolic Products:
2122161F PHN LS/LS Black/White 1/16 3-Ply
2142161F PHN PO/LS Black/White 1/16 3-Ply
2142181F PHN PO/LS Blue/White 1/16 3-Ply
2142643F PHN PO/LS Brite White/Black 1/16 3-Ply
2142673F PHN PO/LS White/Black 1/16 3-Ply
2143161F PHN PO/LS Black/White 3/32 3-Ply
2143643F PHN PO/LS Brite White/Black 3/32 3-Ply
2143673F PHN PO/LS White/Black 3/32 3-Ply
2144181F PHN PO/LS Blue/White 1/8 3-Ply
2144501F PHN PO/LS Red/White 1/8 3-Ply
2144643F PHN PO/LS Brite White/Black 1/8 3-Ply
2144673F PHN PO/LS White/Black 1/8 3-Ply